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Posted 10/4/2012 7:37am by Dennis Stenson.
Can you come help us take what we can from the field today? Volunteering times today from 9-12;2-5 ; gloves and warm clothes and thanks! Hard freeze in the next couple nights .... not just frost.
Visit for details about this alert.
Posted 6/24/2012 11:39pm by Dennis Stenson.

And the prayers for rain are always answered...Thank you, all for your dances, songs prayers, and the gratitude for water. The rain came for a while tonight. Awesome!!!!

Posted 6/3/2012 10:48am by Dennis Stenson.

Soon to stand with many to celebrate the warmth of friendship that Nap was to all of us. All the way Home, Dear Brother; all the way Home.

We are so much the Farm and it's Family of Friends that we are because of this gentleman's ways with us over so many years and in so many ways. 

Heddy, thanks for sharing Nap with us. Please feel our whole heartedness with you now. And all ways.

Thanks for the tears, that, like the freshests of rain that have come once in a while; may they soften the soul's journey for us all. Thanks for the Friendship, Nap.

Posted 5/14/2012 11:31pm by Happy Heart Farm CSA LLC.

Hey Guys!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 15, we'll start offering the 6am to 9am early morning shift.  I know this  is late notice, but make it if you can and want to be on that shift for the summer.

We'll also have that 9am to 12 noon shift for Tuesday, tomorrow.

Monday nights' crew has voted to go 5-8 pm, starting next Monday, May 21.

Thursday still looks like 9am to 12noon or 2-5pm, so far.

Can you send me your choice of which shift you'll commit to for the season, and if you'll be willing to change to another shift if we need to get the weighting and balance we need to make the thang go?



Posted 3/29/2012 11:19pm by Happy Heart Farm CSA LLC.

Summer before spring!  We've got lots of stuff coming in the field already; the peas are up, the garlic and fall planted spinach.  The big challenge for us as a comunnity is how dry it is!  It's the driest March for Colorado ever, and the mountains look like they do usually at the end of May.  We are really taking this into our thinking; we are doing all that we can to water the sping stuff up with soaker hose, rather than overhead sprinkling.  Once we get ditch water With the reservoirs full from last year's snow melt), we will be doing much more of our irrigation with the drip system finished last fall by Matt Oberle.  But we need for all of you to pray and dance for rain!  From the bottom of your Heart!  In Biodynamic agriculture, water is life!  Please become very aware on a personal level of your relationship with water, and certainly use gratitude for water, always, as the gateway to your deepning awareness.

We've got so much coming from the Hoop House that we need for you to come out this early in the spring to help eat it!  Next Thursday, April 5 from 3-6, we invite all 2012 members to stop out to the farm for lettuce, spinach, cilantro, kale, and chard.  This isn't the start of our formal every week ditribution, but a winter- to- spring gift for all of you that have signed up early.  Let us know if you'll be able to share with us.  Yum!

Bailey and I got to participate in the BioDynamic Assn. international Fellowship of the Prepartion Makers annual conference, this year in Paonia.  What a bunch of Magic!  The short of the long story on that meeting for the Farm is that we are very priveleged and honored to tell you that a 30+year dream of mine came tue; we have already sprayed the first buffalo (bison) horn manure (prep #500) on our Farm and in our region.  For those of you following the mystic with me, this is an amazing deepening for our community's soils and soul.  I know; it's more questions than an answer, but ask me when you get the chance. 

Congratulations to Rachel Rambo who was chosen as volunteer of the month for February.  She will recieve a copy of the A-Z cook book.  If you are a volunteer and want to enter the monthly opportunity for a gift, please register your volunteer hours online on our web site.


Farm Vegetable Shares- So far we have sold about half of our vegetable shares for 2012.  We invite you to let others know about the farm!  Your enthusiasm is the best sales pitch ever!  Please remember our Refer a Friend program- if you refer someonesewho signs up for a full share you will recieve a farm credit of $50. We will be offering tours of the farm on Tuesday, Thursdays or by appointment in the next several months, so interested folks can call us for an tour.

Let's start a working members Schedule next week!  This a temporary spring schedule which will change as we get closer to aour regular season distribution schedule in May.  Let Dennis ( know which of these 3 hour shifts you'll attend for next week: Mon.4-7; Tuesday or Thursday 9-12 or 1-4.  Thanks to all the wonderful folks who have volunteered all thru the winter to make the Hoop House so abundant for the beginning of Spring!


Upcoming Events

Friday March 30- The Holler! performs performs at the Mishawaka.  A portion of each presold ticket  and the proceeds from an exciting raffle will go directly to the Feeding the Families program.  Can I hear a Holler!!!

Wednesday April 25- "Growing Green" a fundraiser for the Feeding the Families program at Odell's brewing company, 7-9 pm, cost $10 which includes tokens for two beers, light snacks and music by the Honey Gitters.Help us to reach our goal fo feeding 24 families this year!  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Caludia at or

Thursday, April 5 from 3-6, we invite all 2012 members to stop out to the farm for lettuce, spinach, cilantro, kale, and chard. 

Earth Day at Civic Center Park- We will be having a booth at the Earth Day event sponsored by the Sustainable Living Association on Saturday April 21 from 11-5pm.  If you would like to volunteer for this event please contact Bailey at

From our friends at Home Grown Food 


Natural Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners

Bee Guardian <>

      Hi all,
      We are reaching out to sustainable groups and those interested in learning about bees. We will be in Fort Collins this Saturday, March 31st giving a beginner's backyard beekeeping course. BackYardHive and Corwin Bell have been caring for bees naturally for over 17 years. Corwin practices a holistic approach in caring for bees that focuses on enhancing the bee’s immune system through attentive listening, right timing and sustainable methods.
      This beginner class is for those just getting started. We will cover basic bee ecology, how the bees communicate with each other in the hive, explain why bees are a super-organism, we'll cover setting up the hive, getting bees, catching a swarm and getting the bees into the hive. We will demonstrate how to work with the bees in an altruistic, gentle manner so that a symbiotic relationship is formed with the bees.You can find out more information on our website and also register for the class.


       Hope you can join us!
      happy spring,
Posted 3/25/2012 11:53pm by Dennis Stenson.
Happy Springtime! 

For any and all that want to jump in on the planting; we're planting 'taters this week! Shifts on Tuesday and Thursday; 9-12am and1-4pm; any or all. 

Fun! Come join in!


Farmer D.
Posted 2/17/2012 11:58pm by Dennis Stenson.
Sarah Sammons on Facebook just sent the word out that Happy Heart Farm was just a clue on Jeopardy! The category was, name the state that the local farm is in (State Farm). Happy Heart Farms in Fort Collins was the answer. — with Dennis Stenson.

I'm not sure I get it yet, but I guess we must be famous....?

Posted 2/14/2012 12:10am by Dennis Stenson.

Happy Heart's Day to so many Friends!  Dream on; Dance; Be; Lead from the Heart, Fearlessly.  Ever on; All the way Home.  You are so Beautiful to me.  With Love!

Posted 2/13/2012 1:24pm by Dennis Stenson.

Here we go again!  It is already Happy Heart Month, (really?!), and time for us to put our thoughts into the actions of remembership with the Happy Heart Farm Community. Sign up for your 2012 Farm Membership by Happy Heart's Day, Tuesday February 14 to guarantee your share for 2012 and and recieve a Pitchfork Pinups Calendar with great pictures of local farmers. It's simple and easy.   

Go to our web site to use the paypal option or send us a $100 check for the  annual membership fee.  After February 14 we will open our farm shares to new members, so act now to hold your spot!  Thanks so much to all of you who have "ordered ahead," since last fall even. 

So much is happening on the HHF as we think of you during our Happy Heart Month.  Bailey and I wish you well; we wish you , especially, warmth and joy of Heart.  Outside, the waters have crystalized; trillions of uniquely manifested light and life bearers, from Heaven.  Inside the Hoop House, new crops emerge and grow and rush at early harvest; soon to be:  lettuce, salad greens, spinach, kale and chard; further out but not too:  carrots,and parsnips and more.  It's pretty and warm and very fun to come into after some ski trips around the edges of the snow covered fields; seemingly silently sleeping; covered for now against Winter Wind.  Seeds!  Seeds out there, too, asleep, apparently; under the ground, under the snow, under the clouds, under the sun and moon and planets and stars and stars and stars; and not-stars; the infite darkness within the infinite light; asleep; apparently.  Like the seeds, and the snowflakes, and our souls.      

Its that time of year when we get to inventory the distance HHF and the CSA movement have come these past 29 years.  HHF has been showing out the csa model here in Colorado for 22 years now and our model has been copied and modified to be used by over 20 groups in Ft. Collins; 30 in Boulder; hundreds in the state. Bailey says that we have taught 55 people thru our apprenticeships over the years, and that doesn't count the many volunteers and working members that have taken the skills and knowlege learned with us to heart and home.

Dreamtime for Farmer's; all of us.  The EarthMother, too.  Ours?  Some of them...

Upping the next open acres Noth into the Happy Heart Farm Hops Field.  Big.  Happening.  Join in as you can.  Justin and Jake and the HHF.  Fun.

Let's quickly fill up our list of Feeding the Familie's roster. please ask friends you know to ask friends they know to help in the exciting prospect of offering not only another sorce of food, but locally accessable right hear in town medicinal quality produce; but we nourish our community's heart.  In expressing our gratiude, we share in the awakening to the truth of our abundance.  It's a wonderful entry point for lots of "newby" Farmers that are needed to quickly practice by establishing production permacultural zones that are specifcally contracting CSA-style neighborhood cooperative Farms.   Mother Teresa declared the starvation in America to be loneliness.  Will you consider helping us with our ongoing campaign to Feed the Families.  Call Claudia 970-988-3464 or email at  And please participate as you can through our website's page links.  What a wonderful way to love on Valentine's Day.  Any Day.

It's really gratifying to see all the kids swirling around the Farm.  Our maxim is to steward our sacred ground for our children's children, to the 7th generation; we are so excited to see all the kids that come out that are the 2nd of those generations, already!  It's a different set of intentions than hoping to extract a profitable cash crop from the ground this year, each year.  Thanks to all the many levels and diverse ways of Familyhood that you all bring to the alchemy of our Magic.  Like snowflakes.

The 2012 Season of Abundance.  We are already harvesting the overwinter trials, and the germination of hundreds of thousands of seeds in the next few weeks; to become the hoop house home to the fields of crops feeding our families.  Growing together. Deepening the Dreams and the Dance.  Our Time.   

We invite all members who would love to have our 2012 vegetable shares to pay the $100 membership fee by Feb. 14, aka Happy Heart's Day.  We will hold shares for returning members until this day, then we will open all available shares to the general public.  Please act now to reserve your share.  You can send your check to: Happy Heart Farm, 2820 W. Elizabeth St., Fort Collins, CO 80521 or pay via Pay Pal on our web

Returning Working members please let us know you will continue this year (or not)!   We'll be on a schedule early to mid March.  A chat with Dennis is required of all new working member candidates.

We will continue to offer the "Refer a Friend " program this year.  If you refer a friend/new member who signs up for a full share you earn a $50 credit towards your veggie(or any other share), $25 credit for a half share.  Let your friends, business, church associates know how great the vegetables are, how fun the community gatherings are, how wonderful the farm members are.  We rely on you to promote the know it by heart.

Returning Member's Comments:

"Happy New Year! and Happy Farming!  We are so grateful for your farm and you!"  The McClellans
"To our favorite farmers- We look forward to 2012 and another wonderful growing season with you!" Lindsay, Brett & Natalie

Upcoming Events

Here's a lovely permaculture design course in Mexico in March; a friend of our HHF is the organizer:

Carrots Not CoPays: Eat Better. Feel Great. Pay Less
Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 6:30 PM, Everyday Joe's Coffee House, 144 S Mason St, Fort CollinsCO 
Please join Simple Foods as registered dietician, Dianne Moeller, explains how your diet can improve your health - and your healthcare budget. Meet local farmers, win free organic food, and get a discount on a CSA.  This event is free and open to the public.
Event Sponsored by:Every Day Joe's Coffee ShopElegantly SimpleFossil Creek FarmsGrant Family FarmsThe Shire CSATasty HarmonyHappy Heart Farm

Buffalo Jerky for sale-

Subject: Summer field work opportunities for some of your volunteersFrReply-To: Kimberly Karish <>
Hi Dennis and Bailey-
Last summer at the CSA pickups I think I overheard some of your volunteers discussing biology-based school work they were involved in.  On occasion I do some consulting for a local small environmental consulting firm.  The firm is interested in hiring several field work people for the spring and summer field season.  It would be mainly vegetation surveys but could involve other types of work as well.  If you know of any of your volunteers who would be doing this kind of work this year, please have them contact me directly and I will put them in touch with the consulting firm.
Thanks- Kimberly Karish

Dr. Kimberly S. Karish, LEED AP

Dana Weinkauf-Talbot CMT, YT, RTT

Thai Yoga Dae Night Events!!
Less than one week to register!

Europa Salon Spa 123 North College- Fort Collins
Saturday February 11, 2012
$60 per Couple, includes Wine and Dessert
To register call 970.407.8223

Old Town Yoga 237 1/2 Jefferson Street- Fort Collins
Sunday February 12 12:30-3:00
$45 per couple pre-pay, $50 per couple at the door.

What do we do with all the talk of the coming challenges of 2012?  Here's a video of a friend of mine singing a song in 1977 that has been theme music for me ever since I first heard it. Thanks, Jackson....                                                                                                              " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

There's a personal note to my journey here at the Happy Heart Farm that Jackson says for me in another classic.  Jackson sings my songs for me; he was born a Libra nine days before I was born, on the same date (October 9) as John Lennon.  He's always seemed really close.

Energetic Healing Sessions from Bailey- Relax, Rejuvenate and Renew- $15 for your initial session. Call Bailey at 219-4294 or

Happy Heart Day, every day!  From Dennis to all the great Friends of Happy Heart Farm.  Thanks for your support and love and incredible lightness of being.

We'll See you at the Farm,



Love, Always,

Dennis and Bailey, and the Happy Heart Families and Friends.

Posted 1/12/2012 9:03am by Dennis Stenson.

Hey Guys,

Want to keep going on the hoophouse today?  Let's!  Same  time and station.  See ya'.  Let the others know.
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